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So, it wasn't all plain sailing...2019 i mean...

As usual most of us had a potpourri of a year. But in my experience that's usually the way of it. In the UK we had the finalising of the brutal machinations of Brexit and all the divisions that has caused, even within families. Whatever your view on the outcome let us try to ease away from recrimination and work to get the best from the framework that will present itself.

Then in America we have had the continuing and aggravating distraction of Mr D. Trump Esq , Emeritus President of the USA, The World, and the Cosmos, explaining in his own inimitable unintelligible way to the uninitiated throughout the world how we are getting it all wrong. Again, let us all hope for the denizens of the USA some atmosphere of trust and unity comes through during 2020.

The recent anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, USA and in Europe are an abhorrence and need everyone to stand up and rail against such pervasive acts. No tolerance should be given to those who seek to prosecute a division between people of different religions, faiths and their chosen way of living. Just respect each other and acknowledge their human rights.

On a personal note we enjoyed some wonderful holidays abroad and the magnificent summer at home that seemed to last forever.

I am still wresting to finish my latest book, "The West 48th St Cargo" [ sample chapters on website] but have been waylaid by my passion for my other love, painting. Note to self......finish book ASAP.

So my family and i wish all our family, friends, acquaintances and readers of my books, a happy, healthy and above all, peaceful new year.

    David J Winter

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