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After losing our two wonderful Labradors within six months of each other to old age, we girded our loins and decided we couldn't live without another. We had planned to embrace much travelling now reduced to only our much loved terrier, Tilly, who is much more portable than larger dogs. This thrust didn't last that long and although each of us knew the inevitable was going to happen, there was some hesitation as to who was going to be the first to admit defeat and broach the subject. If, indeed, defeat is the proper identifier.

Once broached, however, a joint campaign emerged immediately. We always said that at our stage of progress along life's way a puppy would be inappropriate. So we agreed to approach Labrador Rescue. In quick order they sent someone to vet us and determine that we were suitable recipients of one of their charges. Rather sooner than expected they contacted us to say they had a three year old boy, who for a change of family circumstance had been put in their care.

So, meet Max, the new member of the Winter menagerie. He has been beautifully managed and obviously loved. This,for once, isn't a sad tale. He is very loving and trusting and although needing a bit of training and dissuading him that counter top thieving is not becoming of a Labrador, he is a joy. He has bonded like a brother to Tilly, our terrier, but she is very much the boss and he is happy to defer.

Asleep with dad.

    David J Winter

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