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AGA'S ...Portuguese/Spanish pilgrim trekkers and Magnum bars.......

We, [as in my wife] elected to up-grade our AGA cooker. You would [ well, men] think this was a relatively simple event and we could rest to enjoy the fruits of the change. Well, i am here to tell you guys that we have unleashed a tsunami of AGA aficionados.; namely the AGA Club. This is not simply an oven, oh no, this is a fervent sub culture that has its own weaponry, [ AGA pots and pans ] its own Colours and ceremony [ logoed dishcloths, towels, aprons etc ] and its own modus operand i. It is the Masonic kitchen movement of the country set and the purchase of one of these icons gains you admittance to the inner sanctum. I am still trying to find out the secret handshake that will let me make a cup of tea !!!!

On a lighter note, we had a visit from our Seattle friends, Carrie and Magnum man, Dean. [ see above ] These intrepid guys just flew over from Portugal after trekking 500 miles along a pilgrimage route in a couple of short weeks. Although normally eschewing the demon, sugar, Dean ironically ate his way through Portugal's stock of Magnums for "energy" en route as he is a vegetarian.

We had a great visit, laughing, walking, eating and chatting, and as you can see, Dean was overseeing Carrie peeling potatoes to make sure she did a good job !

Oh by the way, Carrie bought the tee shirt for Dean to show him which way to go !!!


    David J Winter

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