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Birthdays,lobster and a wonderful day.

This week found Monday as my wife's Birthday. After the heatwave of last week i was somewhat apprehensive as to what the weather would be like on the day. Fortunately it was a beautiful, archetypal English summers day.

We began with a perfect breakfast in the garden before heading for the north Norfolk coast to a pub recommended by friends. Its in the village of Salthouse, just a few miles north of Holt and goes by the name of The Dun Cow. Its sits on the village green overlooking the marshlands and the distant sea. Wheeling gulls and the call of the marsh birds are the sights and sounds from the window table we occupied. A really welcoming and cosy pub, with quite remarkable food. With strong emphasis, as you would expect, on local seafood. We both chose lobster and chips. It was unimaginably succulent and tasty with perfectly cooked thin chips and an imaginative salad. The front gardens were dotted with tables occupied by backpacking walkers and families enjoying the marvellous weather; dogs of multifarious types straining leashes while chattering to one another. Just the other side of the green is the wonderful Crab Shack and we snaffled a couple of the crustaceans to bring home.

Suitably full of stomach,we meandered reluctantly away along the coast road through Sherringham and onto Cromer before turning inland for home through the sun dappled byeways of our glorious countryside.

To add to a memorable day our daughter zoomed home from Glastonbury to share her mothers special day in the evening.

    David J Winter

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