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My Father.

I lost my father today.

The one that accepts you as you are.

I thought i was old enough to cope. But i am not.

Now i know i cannot.

Nor should i really; just take the days as they come and mourn, remembering those intimate times that were born.

The holidays when we ran around the campsite before supper on an open stove, or the sandwiches and tea behind the beachside windbreak by Lulworth Cove.

In a way he was an enigma, a hologram, a prism.

The light passed through reflecting nothing but a straight white beam, something hidden, nothing given.

A solitary man, confined and composed.

Sensitive maybe, but you would never know.

The face often a blank, but eyes that assessed.

I wish i had known him....more, but he isn't here to ask.....anymore.

So, i advise you that have still to face a loss, don't waste a day, a moment, a second

Because those segments don't actually exist.

Its now, ....before there comes that fateful time, to reminisce.

    David J Winter

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