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The Case of The Missing Left Feet.

Well, after two years of preparation and writing the book is now finished and published.

Its been a long learning curve and i have really enjoyed the research that i think adds realism and authenticity to the story.

I understand that some of the scenes are less than appealing, but in trying to convey realism it is incumbent to describe the actuality of the horrors of the event.

On a certain level you can empathise with the murderer given his upbringing and psychological problems. There must be many such people in society who progress through life without suitable counselling and support. Somewhat abandoned. Then they transform into bitter, disconnected individuals looking to vent their resentment on community around them.

This can be true of political or religious zealots as well as the mentally unbalanced.

I have tried to show how the lives of the families of police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other associated services become affected in dealing with the aftermath of such traumatic happenings. A vendetta against, in this case, women can affect so many other individuals lives in the police and associated services.

Above all I hope you enjoy the story and that it adds to help understand life's problems, whether for a sane person or someone disturbed.


    David J Winter

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