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Christmas 2015


Well, so far THE TRIP seems to have been well received. It was just a short story but the plight of the WW2 widows resonated with me when i was made aware of the numbers involved.

It is a reminder, should we need one, that behind every conflict is a trail of dispair that encompasses every facet of life and often goes unrecognised.

I have been taking a Masterclass with James Patterson, the worlds largest selling author, and is something i can highly recommend any writer taking advantage of should the option beckon. I have learnt an awful lot from the course, both technically and philosophically.

This prolific author not only imparts his knowledge and techniques, but does so in such an interesting, grounded and amusing manner. He is a born raconteur and some of his stories about his involvement with Hollywood and the manner in which they treated his books had me chuckling.

THE CASE OF THE MISSING LEFT FEET [ free sample first chapters on menu ] is slowly nearing completion.

As is often the case, as the story unfolds you see different avenues to take it, which means re-adjusting the outline while making sure the continuity is preserved. This book has been, by far, my biggest challenge, in developing all the main characters while still keeping the narrative tightly wound and moving. The first chapter in particular took me to places i was uncomfortable with but i guess you have to test yourself and take a dispassionate view of what was a heinous crime.

    David J Winter

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