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Well, the beautiful late summer turned into September and graced our friends daughters wedding with a day that was enchanting. A sunny and ultimately dry warm day, played host to Sarah and Matt's nuptials and was everything a planned and perfectly choreographed event could aspire to be.

Then our anniversary came about in early October, so we took ourselves off to Venice; probably the most romantic and captivating city in the world. The picture on the right shows us enjoying a trip on a vaporetto and the picture below left is my wife enjoying a Bellini at the best mixer of the famous drink in the world, the Hotel Londra Palace on the Grand Canal. Below, my wife is demonstrating the carpet in our hotel she has just vacuumed and the table she has polished.

The good weather followed us from home and as you can see, we enjoyed five days of blissful eating, drinking and wandering the byzantine passageways and squares of the amazing island.

    David J Winter

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