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High Summer !!

So, here we are eight months into our year and by and large, in Norfolk at least , weather wise, it has been a benign period. A soft winter led to a damp but warm spring and now we are having a warm dry english summer. My two published books on Amazon kindle, COMPROMISED and OVERTHROW have been selling steadily and COMPROMISED benefitted enormously when Amazon promoted the book. Also within the AmazonPrime library outlet, it has been read by over four hundred people, around the world.

OVERTHROW is also now available in book form and available from Tindall's Bookshop in Newmarket HIgh Street, with other outlets to follow.

I have taken a bit of a break from writing since our holiday in late June but i am now back on the grindstone finishing the "CASE OF THE MISSING LEFT FEET", a detective story about a serial killer of women set in New York. In writing this rather shocking book, i found it very difficult to convey the brutality of the horrific rape scene in the opening chapter and not shy away from such an unpleasant topic. But, and not wishing to sound pretentious, to fully understand what a women or girl must experience during such an episode it needs to be etched into our psyche. I hope i have managed to strike a balance between information and voyeurism. I deliberately describe only the first rape in detail and leave the reader to use his imagination during the ensuing episodes.

Hopefully, the book will be published in the next few months.

The picture below is of an hotel's grounds in St Kitts and Nevis, from our holiday in the Caribbean and the one above is of our garden.

    David J Winter

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