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Holidays and Weddings

Having written and re-written OVERTHROW and COMPROMISED these last two years, half finished THE CASE OF THE MISSING LEFT FEET and completed a short story,i decided that a break from the computer was in order. Christine and i accompanied our great friends Linda and Stephen to their apartment in St Kitts in the West Indies and had a wonderful relaxing time.They showed us some great restaurants and hotels on their island, Salt Plage restaurant/bar in the south of the island and Ottleys Plantation Inn on the north western coast, readily come to mind.Thank you for your company, guys. The first picture is of the grounds of Ottleys, the second is of Salt Plage and the third is of us having a memorable lunch at Ottley's.

This coming week we have a special celebration on the farm as our near neighbours, Angela and Stephen [ i hasten to add that this is another Stephen !] are getting married on the week-end. We are looking forward to the wedding BBQ after the service and wish them all they wish themselves for the future.

    David J Winter

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