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Its been a tough week with my wife losing her father and a time for reflection. Living in the country,as we are now, reminds you of the natural cycle of life on a daily basis, and as one flame burns away another ignites into life, whether it be stock,pets or loved ones.I find it somehow re-assuring that our children and grandchildren are taking on the mantle.

The colours of the leaves as autum turns to winter have been breathtaking, and until the last few days the weather had been memorable.You will see from the pictures some of the wonderful scenes round and about on the farm.The frost has meant our Tilly, the terrier, has needed her winter coat on. Being rather low slung it also keeps her a tad cleaner than otherwise might be the case !!!. Jake and Kali Sana look on wishfully.


"Left feet" is coming along and i need to thank David T Loveday for his help with the technicalities of orthopedic surgery.

Christmas is now sneaking up on us and thoughts go to presents,the tree,provisions and seasonal refreshments and family get togethers.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

This is Christine while on her her Spanish riding holiday of a few weeks back on Bella.Fabulous riding in olive groves in southern Spain.

    David J Winter

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