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Holkham Beach, north Norfolk coast.

I have been working on "Left feet", which is about half way through and i must say, some of the gruesome scenarios have shocked even me.!! Still, it's coming along and i think, hopefully will be a good read. After a session of writing this book i have felt completley emotionally drained, as i live the trauma of,firstly the victim and also the psychopathic urges of the attacker.When you put yourself in their place in order to describe the scene, the stories we read in the papers and see on TV become part of your psyche and have a similar effect to it happening to you.I believe if you can't do that, then the telling of a an emotional event becomes impossible.

The picture above is of a special place for my family, where we ride our horses and walk the dogs. If you have the chance,pay a visit,you will love it !. A great place for lunch is the Queen Victoria pub and rooms. Its part of the Holkham family estate and a couple of hundred yards from the beach...highly recomended.

If anyone has a question to ask about the books or would like to give me feedback,then please email me.

Best wishes....David.


    David J Winter

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