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The British government are anxious to support a UK oil exploration company with security, who find substantial reserves in Ethiopia, and to further help foster better relations in the region. With that in mind they send Max Porter an ex Mi5 agent and former Marine Captain and Sophie Miller, an Mi6 agent to act as a conduit between UK forces in the area, the oil companies drilling operation and the Ethiopian government. Al Shabaab  are active in the area and the drilling operation could be under threat, furthermore, there are suspicions that elements of the Ethiopian government are linked to them.Unfortunately the oil company run short of funds and scour the globe for investment until the oil flows. This leads to an association with a dubious private american bank  that has repercussions on three continents as the plot peels back layers of intrigue; including assasination, corruption and involvement with south american drug cartels.Sophie and Max work as a team, often on the backfoot, to pull the strands of sanity together amid twenty first century carnage.







              COMPROMISED                           FIRST IN THE MAX PORTER SERIES


Ex MI5 agent Max Porter, takes a cruise through the Caribbean after finishing his latest novel. What is meant to be a relaxing time soon changes as a series of vicious and bloody murders overwhelms the ship. It seems the motivating factor is drugs and the discovery of a new and extremely potent narcotic on board and being plied through the islands, which threatens to undermine the American Drug Administration Executive.

Max becomes involved when witnessing an incident on board and through twists and turns it begins to enmesh the CIA and the US Navy to prevent a catastrophic spread of the lethal new hallucinogen. He is joined by a female member of the crew who has been placed on board by the USDA to monitor the suspected trafficking taking place on cruise ships through the Caribbean basin.To add a further dimension to the scenario the American President becomes compromised as the head of a drug cartel calls in an old favour when threating to make public his proof of the presidents philandering. Impeachment looms unless the president and his cohorts satisfy the barons demands which leads to a horrific end play with startling results. 






A series of sickening rapes and murders of women in their homes in New York, brings panic and uncertainty to the City.

Lieutenant Gill Nelson and his team at the  Precinct House on West 16th Street face a race to find the man who seems to leave no clue, save the surgical expertise of removing their left feet after the rape ordeal.

It becomes obvious that the culprit is somehow

allowed  special access into their homes even when alone. Could it be the part-time mortuary worker who delivers take out in the area or one of the superintendents of the blocks where the women live. The police race from one suspect to another across the City as the Mayor pressurises the team  to bring the reign of terror to a conclusion which is both chilling and startling.

                    NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE       



It is not often that you have the chance to re-visit old mistakes, however calculated they may have been; so when Stuart books a surprise week-end coach trip for his wife, Ivy, to Scotland and her home town of Perth, he had no way of knowing what a life changing event they would find. Many years of self rapprochement and sadness had filled Ivy's life , but by a chance of lottery winning proportions enables her to find the reunion that she thought impossible. Every mother will empathise with this heart rending but ultimately gratifying little story. 

          AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON         


 The West 48th St. Cargo


On a frozen snowy night a few days before Christmas, two skimpily clad girls bodies are found lying slumped against a warehouse wall opposite  Pier 88 next to the Hudson River and adjacent to the cruise passenger terminal. A covering of snow garlands their emaciated and broken limbed bodies while the cold has turned their skin through the range of blues to purple and on to noir. They have obviously been beaten.They are children, maybe 14 years old and apparently Latino by descent.  Dressed as women of the night. Some mothers daughters left like garbage fly tipped on a back- street corner. Just disposable assets.
Lt Gill Nelson receives the file from the first responders and the uniforms and realises its going to be a long night.
A story of child trafficking and the investigation from the Villa Miseries of Buenos Aries to the upper echelons of  American society.
                TO BE  RELEASED AUTUMN 2020

    David J Winter

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