I have always enjoyed writing, even as a schoolboy, and in later life, when time permitted, I decided to write that first novel we all think we have in us. That was back in 1997 and I can't tell you how belittling the exercise was and a BIG learning curve. That novel was tittled STEAKOUT, ISBN  1 86106 197 397 0 and surprisingly sold quite well in branches of W.H. Smith's, Ottakers and many small private bookshops i trudged around doing signings. I remember feeling quite pleased with myself, until some months later, I popped into a shop that had bought a few "faces" of the book, to see two of them on a table with some other end of line tomes, priced at 50p each !!. Aargh!

Then a number of years on i took a cruise in the caribbean which gave me the inspiration to write COMPROMISED, a story of drug supply around the Islands. This is just about to be re-published, in a different format, both on paper and kindle e-books, hopefully before Christmas.More recently I have completed OVERTHROW , which should be available before the holiday also,and I am now near completion of THE CASE OF THE MISSING LEFT FEET. One not for the squeamish!!.

Seven years ago,and with retirement beckoning, my wife,three dogs and three horses, moved from Buckinghamshire to Norfolk to "Escape to the country" where we bought a part of a large equestrian farm in the most beautiful part of the world. Its situated in the middle of the forest and from the picture on the left, you can see the glorious world we are lucky to live and ride in.


    David J Winter

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